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Our Soft Wash System Protects Your Home

Welcome to North Star Power Washing. Our soft wash system is easier and more protective of your home. Eco friendly and environmentally conscious, we power wash while Keeping the environment clean! We cover all of New Jersey and serve residential and commercial clients with power washing services

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Our Power Washing Services

Roof Power Washing

According to the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association) The stains and growth patches caused by algae, fungus and moss can damage your roof through shingle deterioration and wood rot. Both lead to expensive repairs and can shorten the life of your roof. A roof cleaning can help minimize or eliminate this damage. North Star Power Wash uses ARMAs washing recommendations and techniques. Don't let untrained people cause thousands of dollars of damage to your roof

Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

The ACI (American Concrete Institute) recommends cleaning your concrete every year and sealing it every four years. Cleaning and sealing prolongs the life of your concrete. It also helps protect against future cracks, mold and mildew. Winter is very harsh on concrete. Trapped water will freeze and expand cause major cracks. Sealing fills the pours and doesn't allow water to penetrate deep into the concrete. The water just beads right off. Also another benefit is shoveling snow won't be as hard.

Decks and Fences

Wood is one of the hardest surfaces to clean properly without damage. Having a professional that has cleaned thousands of decks and fences is invaluable. If someone is using high pressure on wood they clearly have no idea what they're doing and you're paying the price. Don't waste thousands on repairs just call us and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Vinyl Siding and Fences

Most vinyl manufacturers DO NOT recommend high pressure power washing. High pressure removes the UV protective coating on vinyl siding and fences causing oxidation. Permanently destroying your vinyl. Instead they suggest detergents and a soft wash method using a little higher psi than a garden hose.

Store Fronts

If you have a local business you know how important first impressions can be. Call us today to make sure your store front sparkles and gives the right impression to a client.


Paver can be tricky to wash. Having the right knowledge on what pressure and nozzle to use is very important. According to the ICPI (interlocking concrete pavement institute) high pressure will cause pitting and remove the UV protective layer cause your pavers to be dull and acceptable to cracking. Washing correctly will maintain your packing sand and UV coating. Sealing is also available for old, dull pavers.

Power washing company

Here at North Star Power Washing we strive to provide you with the highest quality work and customer service you deserve. That’s why each job is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied neither are we. We are a family owned and operated business. Set on having the best customer service we arrive on time and in uniform to clean your home or business. There will always be an owner on site to answer any questions and ensure quality work. North Star Power Washing will never use damaging high pressure on your vinyl siding or shingles. We clean all surfaces based off of the manufacturers suggestions and techniques. We use a proprietary blend of biodegradable, environmentally safe detergents and cleaners to soft wash your house and roof. We take every precaution to protect your plants and property. We treat your home or business the same as we would treat our own.

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